Security Operations Center

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

It is a process of securing and managing information with a combined approach namely Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM). In the process of SIEM, it aggregates the data from different sources, analyzes it and identifies the deviations for taking a particular action.  If a potential risk is identified, SIEM has the capability to log additional information from various sources, event correlation, log forensics, log analysis, file integrity monitoring, user activity monitoring, real-time security alerting, compliance reporting and log retention.

Lack of proper SIEM system for your organization may keep you at the verge of unauthorized network access, compliance penalties, and data theft. This is the reason why many organizations today consider a proven SIEM system as one of the most important security needs. MatinQ’s managed SIEM services provide you with world-class Cybersecurity experts who can ensure the implementation with greater efficiency. Moreover, our Cybersecurity professionals help you with log data analysis, event management, alerts review, preparing correlation policies for relevant reports, and a significant enhancement in your security and compliance.

Consider MatinQ’s managed SIEM services to evade the risk of Cybersecurity and enhance your security.