Controls Selection and Implementation

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Controls Selection and Implementation

Compliance or Effectiveness Measurement


For the better performance of an organization, complying with the legislation is important. A program to effectively measure the compliance of laws; design and implement the strategies to prevent the violations of the laws is called Compliance or Effectiveness Measurement. If your need you organization to work effectively, then you would definitely choose this program.

MatinQ consulting offers the best effectiveness in measurement services. Our experts in the field understand every detail of the organization, work closely with you and evaluate the success of the compliance program and help you with the strategies to enhance them.

Here is our approach for compliance of effective measurement


Our Approach:


  • Identifying and evaluating Key Performing Indicators.
  • Analysing indicators
  • Evaluating effectiveness
  • Reporting on it

We are well aware that implementing a good Governance, Risk and Compliance program can enhance your security from Cyber-crimes.