ISO Standards Auditing

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ISO Standards Auditing

ISO Standards Auditing

To be ISO standards certified, an organization has to meet all the compliances of relevant ISO standards. An external certification body is required to audit your organization and determine whether our organization is compliant with all the requirements.

Basically, an ISO audit is to determine whether you are doing what you actually said you are doing.

ISO audits are of three types:

  1. First Party Audit or Internal audit – These audits are performed by the internal staff of the organization who are trained.
  2. Second Party Audit or Supplier audit – Lead auditors usually perform these audits with your organization.
  3. Third Party Audit or Certification audit – A Certification Body auditor performs these audits.

Whatever the audit might be, our expert ISO standards Auditing services help you conduct a seamless audit and help you reduce paying huge penalty.

How we help you

  • Verify your system is compliant with relevant ISO standard
  • If not take specific actions to meet those
  • Check whether all problems are addressed
  • Look for improvements needed if any

How do you benefit by ISO standards certification

  • Increased customer value and loyalty
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased business value and reputation
  • Rising customer base
  • Reducing errors
  • Rising market share