IT Infrastructure Security

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IT Infrastructure Security



IT Infrastructure Security literally means to protect the information communication technology and tools involved in a business. ICT and Technology tools could be an internet connection where data is transferred through various means like email communication, or could be a software, application or server used to maintain company’s critical data. Ever imagined if the access to these tools gets into wrong hands?

Not considering securing your infrastructure, this could give a chance for the attackers to penetrate and get access to your enterprise network, switches, firewall and routers and they could install a malware to breach and corrupt your data, including DOS or DDOS attack. Such a breach would incur significant financial, regulatory as well as reputational loss to the company.

Because of such growing technology threats, the requirement for strong IT infrastructure security services is also increasing. Most of the businesses are unlikely to have in house skilled security experts to address their security concerns. This is where MatinQ Consulting comes into picture.

We believe securing the infrastructure is the primary step in protecting a business in this digital world. Our expert team at MatinQ Consulting knows most of the possible weaknesses of the technology and systems and could easily prevent the opportunity of a threat to occur. Our skilled team will help you choose the right products, services and strategies to protect the information associated with your IT infrastructure and ensure a continuous protection and a good user experience.

In addition, Enterprise Security is more than the products and tools. This is more about the processes and procedures adopted to secure an IT infrastructure. We can help you to develop layer-based model of security as per your needs. 


How we can Help


Develop Strategy for Enterprise and IT Infra Security

Customize Enterprise and IT Infra Security Framework

Enterprise and IT Security Architecture

Security Incident and Event Management

IT Infrastructure Assessment

Breach Response

IT and Cyber Forensics Investigation

Firewall Security Assessment

Switches and Router security Hardening

Server Hardening

Operating System Hardening

IT Infra Vulnerability Assessment

IT Infra Penetration Testing

IT Policies and Procedures

Email Server and Gateway Security

Web Content filtering and Proxy

Back-up and Media Handling Assessment


Our Approach


Step 1: Identify the Critical IT Assets

Step 2: Gap Assessment and Risk Assessment

Step 3: Policies, Procedures and Standards

Step 4: Customization of Solution(s)

Step 5: Controls Selection, Prioritization and Implementation

Step 6: Testing and Review

Step 7: Delivery and Feedback