IT Infrastructure Security

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IT Infrastructure Security

IT Infra Auditing

To ensure your IT infrastructure support emerging technologies meets your business needs now & in the future, and meets required security standards - performing an IT audit is mandatory. While performing, MatinQ’s IT infra auditing services mainly focus on analyzing managerial and technical aspects of your IT infrastructure and give you a holistic overview of your IT infrastructure standards, security standards, and probable risks. Moreover, our certified auditing services further help you in evaluating the system’s internal control design, implementation, performance, efficiency and IT governance and the solutions to overcome the risks.

With the relevant skill and experience, our comprehensive audit report consists of reviewing:

  • Servers and Desktops’ compliance
  • Application performance and licensing
  • Network design and Security
  • Hosting services and Internet Access
  • Technology usage and suppliers
  • Operation and Maintenance Processes
  • Backup and Recovery
  • IT Team & stakeholders