IoT Security

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IoT Security

The Buzz word – Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected electronic devices to the internet, which collects data and exchanges it over the network. This helps us to operate things remotely which are making the lives of people a lot easy.Internetaccess nowadays is available even to remote areas. This inspiration helped create billions of IoT devices and still increasing. But, whatabout security?

The usage of IoT devices has spread to various industries including business applications, governmental applications, consumer applications and more. Involved in the business, thedevices manufacturers and vendors might overlook certain things which are open to attackers.

To ensure access to proper authorization devices and limit the unauthorized devices, MatinQIoT security services protect your C&C center with on-edge traffic filtering. We help you handle multi-versioning from devices and all online attacks with our robust WAF services and DDoS mitigation solutions.

In a brief, we help you in

  • Notifying about the outdated software
  • Usingsmart passwords
  • Recognizing poor integrations
  • Restricting access to third-party APIs
  • Educating about DDoS attacks and protecting C&C centers