Wireless Security

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Wireless Security

The convenience a wireless network offers to connect devices makes it the most used by many people as well as organizations.The wireless network is being used heavily and is playing a greater role in any network.But great care has to be taken while deploying it and has to monitor regularly to ensure its security.

This is the age where the security of your data is more important than never before. Making configuration mistakes, lack of segmentation and using weak wireless protocols help the attacker to breach your wireless network easily.

MatinQ Consulting has dealt with many such cases and has the sufficient experience to help you in optimising your wireless infrastructure,block the unauthorised devices to be part of the network, stop intrusion attemptsand propagation of advanced malware.This way you can possess complete control on your wireless networks without giving a speck of chance for the attackers to invade your system.

MatinQ’s wireless security services will assess you wireless security and help you in

  • Selecting a network
  • Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Managing Device
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • A strong Wireless options for all needs