Anti Cyber Crime Law

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Anti Cyber Crime Law

Anti-Cybercrime Law


To keep a check to the broadening Cybercrime, Saudi Arabia has introduced Anti-Cybercrime Law with very stringent policies.  The guidelines, compliance and requirements are released in a bundle of 16 Articles. Details of different kinds of cybercrimes are listed in the articles. Any individual or an organization committed to any kind of Cybercrime mentioned in the article is subjected to prison.

Every organization needs to follow all the regulations and nobody wants their unintended crime turns into sentenced prison. MatinQ consulting services can assist you in following the stringent policies. Our certified auditors will perform a gap analysis to check for any violation. We then assist you to make necessary changes and help you comply with all the regulations of Anti-Cybercrime law.


We assist you in


  • Gap analysis
  • Closing any gaps in the service
  • Regular assessment
  • Educating
  • Monitoring